Ryan French is a software engineer based in London. Originally from New Zealand, where he studied computer science at the University of Waikato, he now works as a senior prototype engineer for Amazon Web Services. His main areas of focus are in cloud computing, platform engineering, site reliability, and developer experience.

Ryan has spoken at numerous conferences about software development methodologies, and how to get the best from your team and your infrastructure. He believes that by investing in tooling and automation, you can allow your engineers to produce their best work.

Ryan is a polyglot engineer, working mainly in Clojure, Golang, and NodeJS, however he has experience in many more languages, believing in not only finding the best tool for the job, but the best tool for the engineer doing the job.

Ryan has experience working as a full stack engineer, a rapid prototype engineer, and as a platform engineer. His experience has seen him work in many different industries including dairy genetics, facial recognition, and media discovery.

All opinions featured on this site are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.